3 Myths

The 3 Myths – That Postal Workers Believe


1.) ” I don’t care I will just retire “ – Yes you can retire   loch-ness-monster_0

But remember Vulture Capitalists want to privatize Social Security, Medicare, Roads & Bridges, etc. Many Prisons are already privatized. If they succeed in privatizing the Postal Service, they intend to privatize your CRS or FERS retirement and health care benefits. In the hands of a private entity, your retirement is not safe!  Remember when Enron or Bethlehem Steel went bankrupt, retirees lost all of their retirement & Healthcare benefits. If the Postal Service is privatized, your retirement and health care is also at risk in bankruptcy. You could loose your entire retirement benefits !


2.) “They will never cut our hours or close our Post Office / P&DC’s – In your Dreams !

Its already happened in numerous locations across the country.Unless you take this UFOseriously, they will do just that. The Post Office lulls you into a false sense of security by telling the public ” This is just a study, we have no plans to close this post office / facility or there will be no disruption in service, you will not notice any difference after this post office / facility is closed. ” Nothing could be further from the truth. More than 90% of the Post Offices under study in 2011, were closed. Sorting Facilities closures have resulted in significant delay of mail and in some instances, mail delivered a month or more late.


2683933_640px3.) ” They will do what ever they want ” – Yes if you let them.                                                                                                                                               There are laws, rules and regulations for everything. If you stand up & fight back, management can be stopped. There is always a way. For instance workers under Federal Law are entitled to a safe work environment. Any unsafe conditions can be corrected immediately by the Occupation Safety & Health Administration ( OSHA ) by filing a complaint. Besides Union Grievances and Arbitration, the Federal Labor Board can enforce unfair Labor Practices. Management will do whatever they want, only if you let them.





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