Miracle on 34th Street Card Shower

President Obama ?
President Obama has the power of the pen, He can veto or sign into law, a bill from Congress. A bill that will destroy and privatize the Post Office or we hope, a bill that will maintain  & restore service, preserve jobs, and Save the Post Office. Either way President Obama has the final say.
Dear President Obama,
   The Postal Service is in dire condition. Not due to declining mail volume, competition from the internet, or excessive benefits and pay of employees. But because of powerful entities intent on bankrupting & privatizing the Post Office. These are the same morally corrupt institutions that created the worst economic environment since the great depression. Yes, Ebenezer Scrooge is alive and well, motivated only by Greed.
   Cheap Gasoline, Electricity, Food & other Commodities along with decent Pay & Benefits, support and grow a prosperous middle class & economy. Letting Scrooge take over the Post Offices will kill competition and eliminate cheap delivery of Holiday Packages.
   No institution, government or business can survive, solely by cutting service over and over again, yet this is exactly what the Postal Service is doing.  10 years ago the Postal Service, when mail volume was increasing, reduced the number of Window Clerks, creating long lines, driving customers away to UPS & FedEx. 3 years ago the Postal Service removed every stamp vending machine out of every Post Office in the country. Many Post Offices have lobbies open 24 hours, but you can not buy a stamp there after retail hours. You can travel miles down the road to a grocery store, buy a book (you can not just buy one stamp) and drive back to the Post Office to mail your letter ( you can not mail your letter at a grocery store). Could anybody make it more  inconvenient for customers?  These are just 2 examples, out of many ways, that the Post Office has decreased service. To survive and prosper, the Post Office needs to increase and provide excellent service.
   They said Radio would kill the Newspapers. They said TV would kill Radio and the Newspapers. They said the Internet would kill TV, Radio and the Newspapers. Bah Humbug, none of these are dead. They adapted, changed and survived. There is no reason why the Postal Service can not do the same.
   The quality of life of the elderly and low income citizens depends on the survival of the Postal Service. A 45 cent stamp is a bargain and all they can afford. There needs to be provisions for the poor and destitute. Scrooges answer would be to “decrease the surplus population”. Please don’t leave them out in the cold. 
   Please Mr. President, veto any bill that includes cuts, closures, or allows privatization. I learned my lesson about greed. It is too late for me, but you have the power & authority to ” Save The Post Office ” for the American People, before its too late.
May you and your family have a Prosperous Holiday and a Happy New Year.
                God bless us, everyone,

       Jacob Marley  

    Miracle on 34th Street Letter to the President  – to Print Click Here



Dear Friend & Neighbor,         
     Please help us to organize a Miracle on 34th Street Card Shower to “Save Your Post Office.”             
Online @ Hallmark Card Shower
Its Easy ! ! !         Go to www.cpwunited.com
To print out the Instructions
Step One:  Go to a Dollar Store ( discount store )
                        Buy 10 or more Holiday Cards.
                       I purchased 20 Holiday Cards with envelopes at Dollar Tree for $1.
Step Two: 
                                               President Barack Obama
Address Each Card to:     The White House    
                                               1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North West
                                               Washington, DC 20500 
Step Three:  Print 10 Copies of the letter to President Obama
                          Print 10 Copies of  the Instructions
                          (Miracle on 34th Street Holiday Card Shower)
Step Four:  Fold the letters and place one in each  envelopes with a Holiday Card.

Step Five:   Sign the card given to you,
                        put the card & President Obama letter in the envelope,
                        seal it, place a 45 cent stamp on it, write or affix a return address,                              
                       (Recommended Option; Under the return address, write
                       ” Please Save Our Post Office ” in Red Ink.)
                        and put the card in the mail. 

Step Six:  Give 10 or more Friends & Neighbors a card & letter,
                     ask them to do the same for 10 friends & neighbors.
                     By December 25 President Obama will
                     receive 1 million or more cards.
   Bah, Humbug on you, if you read this letter & do not participate. Don’t be a Scrooge. Support Your Country. Tis the Season of Giving. Be generous, do a good deed for your family and friends. What goes around, comes around.
   Do something good and good things will happen to you in return. Good Karma.
Miracle on 34th Street Instructions  – to Print Click Here












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