How To: Advertise in the Newspaper

1.   Acquire copies of the newspapers in you area. Request Ad rates & circulation numbers and size of the distribution area.

2.  Based on this information and demographics, decide which newspaper’s you will be advertising in. Do not base what newspaper you advertise in by personal preference.

3.  Determine Wording / Graphics for newspaper Ad layout. If you designed an event flyer, the wording / graphics should be used from the flyer for consistency.

4.  Determine Ad size based on column width and height, vs cost and your budget for advertising. 1/4 page Ads or larger are preferred to catch attention. Solid Color Ads are more noticeable than black and white.  (Link)

5.  Re-size Wording / Graphics from the flyer to fit in the Ad space.

6.  Request positioning of the Ad where you will receive the most exposure. Generally this is near the front pages of the paper.

7.  As budget allows, Ads should run up to 1 week prior daily, including the day of the event.

8.  The highest circulation days of most newspapers are Wednesday thru Sunday.

9.  Be aware of Ad deadlines, usually 3-4 days prior to publication, 1 to 2 weeks for weekly newspapers.

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