How To: Promote

How to Promote:

  1. Write Letters -  to the Editor or Opinion pages.

  2. Send Announcements -  Calendar of Events, Public Service Announcements, Statement to all local newspaper TV & Radio.

  3. Send Chain Messages - to Twitter, Emails to everybody in your address book, ask recipients to send it to everybody in their address book.

  4. Post a Write Up – of the event to all friends, local businesses, organizations, etc on Facebook, blogs, internet sites.

  5. Flyer the Public - attend large gatherings of people, community/ sports events, flea markets, meetings, etc.

  6. Have Posters Made - display in stores, telephone poles, etc

  7. Paid Advertising - if you have funding, place an ad in the local newspaper and/or radio.

  8. Classified Ads - in the for sale section of local newspaper

  9. Word of Mouth – create interest, get people to talk about it

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