CPWU Newsletters

CPWU Issue 1 - CPWU History, Hunger Strike, Local Protests
CPWU Issue 2 - FIGHTING PRIVATIZATION – Postal Truckers in California, San Francisco Post Office Spared the Axe, Bird-dogging Candidates
CPWU Issue 3 - Beware! The Lame Duck Can Cripple the Starving Eagle, Communities Defend Their Post Offices One By One
CPWU Issue 4 - Postal Service is Under Attack, Letter To Union President, Bay Area Labor / Community Coalition Fights Closure, National Day of Action – Sunday March 17th 2013, Second Postal Hunger Strike
CPWU Issue 5 - Fight for 6 Day Delivery Dump Donahoe, Resist Privatization of Postal Trucking Prepare for War, Combat Plant Closures, The Battle for Post Offices Facing Closure
CPWU Issue 6 – Call for Bold Actions to Save the Postal Service, Postal Unions and allies rally in every state, Victory for Postal Truckers, Combat Plant Closures
CPWU Issue 7 - 5 Protestors arrested at Salem Mail Facility, Local CPWU Actions to Save the USPS, Call for Bold Actions to Save the Postal Service, Truckers Threatened Against Congress Members Tell PMG “Back Off!”, States Lead the Way
CPWU Issue 8 - Our Post Office Not for Sale, August 24 Call to Action, Local CPWU Actions vs. Privatization Portland Rallies to protect postal work
CPWU Issue 9 -Bronx General Post Office Not For Sale, Members First Slate sweeps top APWU Offices, Berkeley Post Office Defenders, Did  You Know that your Mail Service has been Disrupted? Does Your Newspaper Take Forever to Arrive?
CPWU Issue 10Grand Alliance to Save the Postal Service, Prepare for Protests at Staples Stores, The Battle for the Post Office and Democracy
 CPWU Issue 11 - Postal Service Delays New Wave of Mail Processing Closures, Protesters Called for No More Letter Carrier Deaths, Did Racism Dictate the Postal Services planned sale of this post office?, Staples Protests Take Off
CPWU Issue 12 – April 24 – Stop Staples! National Day of Action, Call For a National Day of Mourning to Honor All Postal Workers Injured or Killed on the Job, Postal Union Alliance a Step Forward, Management Gained from Disunity, A New Postal Unity
CPWU Issue 13 – APWU to Launch Vigorous Campaign Against Plant Closures, Consolidations, Don’t Buy Staples! Briefs, Ignoring the Possibilities, Resolution: Build a Coalition and Campaign Against Privatization, Letter Carriers Foil Stealth Attempt to Ditch Door to Door Delivery


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